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Monthly Archives: March 2013


The Truth about the Easter Bunny…

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“Brown hares don’t burrow like rabbits, they just dig a shallow scrape called a form.

These forms are also used by wetland birds such as the Plover or Lapwing, because of this people thought hares laid eggs!!!”




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Thank fairy cakes its friday…

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Three days ana-moly has been in motion and it hasn’t stopped, had some fantastic support and comments and want to again thank everyone for having a look and sharing their kind thoughts…

It’s been a long but exhilarating few days but now friday is upon us and we have an exciting weekend ahead…

In great need for a sugary treat and a cuppa and advise everyone does the same…
(might make that bubbles actually !! )

So we are off……Launch

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Welcome All,

So we have finally launched ANA-MOLY!

Please get yourself a cuppa and take your time to have a look at the website featuring this seasons wallpapers….please do not hesitate to ask me any questions or queries you may have regarding our papers…

Do tell us what you think below, or join our facebook page, follow us on twitter, or check out our images on pinterest….


Dear Customers,

Anamoly is currently fulfilling a life long dream of driving to Italy in a camper, and unfortunately won’t be able to fulfil orders until the 13th of October. If you are happy to wait, please process as normal, and we will send your order as soon as we return.
Thank you so much for your patience, please do follow us on Instagram to see how we are getting on @anamoly_london.