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Few facts about Guy Fawkes…

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We all love bonfire night, hot chocolate, mulled wine,  hot dogs, sparklers and the grand firework display, even if the english weather isn’t kind to us, its still enjoyed by all, but not a lot of people know the real story, so heres 10 interesting facts about Guy Fawkes and bonfire night –

  1. It was actually Robert Catesby who led the Gunpowder Plot, not Guy Fawkes – there were 13 people involved.
  2. The name of the pub where Guy Fawkes and his friends met to talk about the plot to kill the King is called the Duck and Drake
  3. The job Guy Fawkes had in the Gunpowder Plot was to guard the 36 barrels of gunpowder that had been stored in a basement underneath the House of Lords
  4. He was caught red-handed with 36 barrels of gunpowder, stacked directly below the chair King James.
  5. When Guy Fawkes was arrested, he lied and said that his name was John Johnson
  6. Fawkes was sentenced to the traditional ‘traitors’ death’ and was hanged, drawn and quartered – although he jumped from the gallows and broke his own neck.
  7. Fawkes was born a protestant, but raised a Catholic from the age of eight following his father’s death
  8. King James I decreed that 5 November should be the day that people always celebrate that the Gunpowder Plot didn’t happen.
  9. The very first fireworks display in England took place at the wedding of Henry VII in 1486.
  10. On Bonfire Night, people sometimes eat Parkin Cake, which is made from oatmeal and treacle.


New Feature – Right Start Magazine

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“Looking to inspire your children at mealtimes? Check out Ana-moly range of sturdy, brightly coloured tableware for children, British sourced and manufactured the tableware is made in local earthenware clay with lead free glazes, and they are dishwasher and oven proof. Cute animals decorate the inside of each piece. Included in the range are: Double Handed Mug (£16) Porringer Bowl (£24) and a set of both Mug and Bowl (£38).”

Thank you to Right Start for this feature – just marvellous…

Big Thank you…

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A HUGE thank you to –

Poppy, Hettie, Cosmo, Tilly, George, Eddie, Maddie, Izzy and Elly for being such wonderful models helpers and generally fabulous on our recent shoot day, (and to the olds that drove them ;-))




New Feature – Luxe Magazine

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Thank you Luxe Magazine for this amazing feature on our geese wallpaper, sampled is the Geese Popberry here in Luxe,  but we also have it in a gorgeous Ink Blue its our favourite.

Luxe Loves

“Having a gander” – “This goosey goosey print makes for a very jolly walls”



We Have New Products – Fabrics and Homeware

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Hello All,

So very exciting news we have just added fabrics to our range.

New to Ana-moly and to compliment the wallpaper range, we have incorperated matching fabrics, these beautifully digitally printed panama cloths are all 100% cotton. They have a strong thread weave so very hard wearing.

We have added some fabulous cushions to the range to compliment your newly decorated room, they come in two sizes with a handy zip closing, so quick and easy to throw in the wash. All cushion inners are duck feather so super luxurious.

Recently launched is our gorgeous unique children’s porringer bowl and mug set, it is perfect for a Christening, Birthday or Christmas gifts, and a wonderful keepsake to cherish.The double handled mug makes it easy for them to pick up and drink with, ensuring less spills. The deep set wide open bowl with heavy base is hard for them to move but easy to get the yummies inside, and invites little ones to enjoy and engage at meal times. Available in 4 colours it is a versatile range to suit all tastes.

As you know we have a strong company ethic, our ceramics use lead free glazes to protect them from any nastiness and they are dishwasher and oven friendly, to make day to day use practical. They are made from Local earthenware, which is the strongest material possible and hand decorated in the famous Stoke-on-Trent.

Our wallpapers are PEFC certified, meaning only sustainable forests are used. We also use non-toxic organic inks, which are non-carcinogenic. All our products are British sourced and made.

So please have a little look at the new the products, and if you like what you see, please do comment and rate them, we would love to hear your feedback.

Best Wishes,


New Shoot Blog Tile

New Feature – Period Homes and Interiors

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We have had a fab feature from Period Homes and Interiors thank you so much – Geese in popberry our favourite too!

Paper patterns –

This fun wallpaper is part of a collection for children’s lifestyle brand Ana-Moly. Available online, the range includes cute robins, donkeys and fish in a variety of colourways. We think he whimsical designs are grown-up enough to be used in any room in the home; here, Geese in Popberry is used in a hallway (it’s also available in Ink if pink’s not your thing). The paper measures 52cm wide and is £78 for a 10m roll.



New Stockist – Igloo London

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We have an exciting new stockists in London on the Kings Road.

Igloo’s children’s emporium, where you can buy hand-picked designer children’s clothes, designer baby clothes, designer children’s shoes, innovative children’s toys and more all under one roof.  Shop their favourite children’s designers from around the world here in the UK.

Chelsea Store
227 King’s Road
London SW3 5EJ

Tel: 020 7352 4572

Monday & Tuesday 9.30am – 6.30pm
Wednesday & Thursday 9.30am – 7pm
Friday & Saturday 9.30am – 6.30pm
Sunday 11am-5.30pm



New Stockist – Wzory Widze Poland

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Their online shop was established in order to unconventional, unique and above all beautiful objects become part of the space in which we live every day.

ul. Rembowskiego 62/66 m.11
Łódź 95-100
Telefon +48 502 411 018



New Feature – Gurgle

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Thank you for Gurgle Magazines lovely feature –

Gurgle Mum Loves –

When your baby stops launching their cup and bowl floorwards at meal times, it’s a milestone moment (and if you’re still in that phase, don’t worry – it will pass). So what better way to celebrate your tot’s tip-top able manners than by upgrading their plastic tableware to something special? We’ve fallen for this handpainted range of crockery by Ana Moly. It looks super-chic, you can chuck it in the oven, microwave and dishwasher, plus it’s pretty strong should there be any tiny… ahem… dropsies. 




New Stockist – Walnut Tree Gallery

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We have a new stockist – The Walnut Tree Gallery first opened in 2007, specialising in contemporary art,  greetings cards, local jewellery and other unusual arts and crafts. Here you can relax and try some of our fantastic coffee and homemade cakes.

The Walnut Tree Gallery

52 High Street
Sixpenny Handley

01725 552836


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