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Children’s Apron Set Geese Ink


Gorgeous baking set for your little ones. Encouraging children to engage in quality time together, through baking and craft time.

100% durable cotton children’s apron, with cotton drawstring bag which is useful to store the apron, and travel with to school or friends. The humorous smiley wooden spoon is made from sustainable birch wood.

A lovely gift for all to enjoy, wrapped in tissue paper, in a gift box. Offered in various colours and designs, you can also buy a set with two aprons, for friends and siblings to get involved.

Perfect for mess making it will keep children slightly cleaner, and machine washable (the apron, not the kids!)

With a personalised label you can add your name to ensure they don’t get muddled up with fellow bakers, as photographed.


Gift wrap:

We’re happy to gift wrap your apron and send it directly to the recipient, with a personal message.

Made from:

100% digitally printed, panama durable cotton.


One Size – Age 2-12 years

Adjustable neck string for all ages, and tie back.