Introducing Anamoly, we design children’s house’y things for little people and parents.
Our playful designs, in vibrant colours meet the current demand for something different.

Our new range of tableware for children, its durable material and fresh coloured designs will invite your little ones to enjoy and engage at meal times. Paired with the wallpaper and fabric range, humorous animals decorate the inside, and give a friendly fun characteristic.

Designed and created in the UK our range of wallpapers, fabrics and homewares, have an evergreen approach. As a company philosophy all our wallpapers are PEFC certified, meaning only sustainable forests are used, and scuff prevented for those little mishaps. We also use non-toxic inks, which are non-carcinogenic. Our tableware use lead free glazes and are dishwasher and oven friendly, to make day to use practical.

Looking after today, and tomorrow.