At Anamoly, we take delight in designing exclusive products that are perfect for both children and parents. We craft and develop a range of durable, stylish items that add that special something to your home. Our fresh and attractive tableware range will provide a happy feeling to mealtimes, helping little ones to feel playful while they enjoy their food. We are extremely proud of our wallpaper and fabric designs, which complement our tableware range, adding that special, unique touch to your overall home decor that is bright and cheerful.

Created exclusively by UK designers, our homewares boast a design that endures throughout your family’s development, so as you watch your children grow and learn, your environment will be a pleasant and happy place to be. An important philosophy that underpins our work is that our wallpapers are PEFC Certified, using paper from only sustainable forests – because we know our commitment to the environment must be paramount.

We also understand the need for a growing family to have surroundings that adapt to their lives, and because of this our wallpapers are scuff protected. For the safety of all your family, we also use non-toxic ink which are free from carcinogens also. Lead free glazes are used on our tableware which are also dishwasher and oven safe. Day to day, for our customers, our products will help you take a practical, stress free approach to family life. Both for today, and for tomorrow, parents and children are at the heart of Anamoly’s approach to design.

Looking after today, and tomorrow.